Maria Thrän – Die Immatrialität der Oszillation 2.0

In spring 2016 I supported the artist Maria Thrän with her audiovisuell-installation „Die Immatrialität der Oszillation 2.0- Ein vertikaler Dreiklang“. The conecept and the physical part of the installation were realized by Maria Thrän while the musical patterns were composed by Orm Finnendahl. The electronics were realized together with Stefan Blanché.

Winner Rundgang Preis 2016 of the Lions Club Kunsthilfe Frankfurt

Sofware: Software-Hardware communication (Puredata|VVVV|Arduino)
Harsware: Soldering, Debugging (Amplifier-Pickup Oscillation | High Power Led Stroboscope)
Audio: PA setup, Recording of the final installation, Postproduction video soundtrack (Cubase)